Rose des Vents Painting Lapis, Turq, Pink Opal 1

Rose des Vents by Dior Fine Jewelry: High luxury Talismans

Victoire de Castellane, Creative Director of Dior Jewelry, triumphs again with the debut of Dior’s Spring 2015 Fine Jewelry Collection, Rose des Vents (Wind Rose).


This elegantly talismanic collection of 18K yellow gold necklaces and bracelets is inspired by the wind rose, an ancient meteorological circular diagram whose eight points are marked with the initials of the principal winds. (Before magnetic compasses existed, the wind rose appeared on nautical charts as early as the 13th century, indicating the directions of the eight major winds.)


The golden chains of each necklace and bracelet are centered with one eight-pointed wind rose medallion that is set in 18K yellow gold. Variously inlaid with lapis, turquoise, pink opal or mother of pearl, each wind rose jewel is studded with a central diamond. While gold tracery reminiscent of ship rigging adorns the front of each wind rose, the back consists of solid gemstone framed in a gold bezel.


The sautoir-style necklace, which can be worn looped twice around the neck or gracefully long, is as appropriate for evening attire as it is for a summer afternoon’s sail, garden party or rock concert.


Given Ms. De Castellane’s adventurous spirit and well-documented love of history, art and talismans, it makes perfect sense that she chose the wind rose as the basis for a Dior fine jewelry collection. The wind rose also held special meaning for Christian Dior, who grew up on the Normandy seacoast in Granville in a house with a rose garden (his favorite flower) that overlooked the water. Built by a ship owner, the house was called “Les Rhumbs,” which is French for the 32 points on a wind rose. Years later, after moving to Paris, the metaphorically minded Dior discovered a star-shaped charm on the ground and interpreted it as a sign to open his couture house. This star became a talisman Dior carried throughout his hugely successful career. What’s more, the pool that Monsieur Dior designed behind his house features a mosaic wind rose motif on the bottom.


The Rose des Vents jewels set with a single central diamond and fashionable stones of turquoise, lapis and pink opal shimmer in a richly colored way, yet this strong-spirited collection serves a purpose beyond mere adornment. The wind rose symbolizes the free will and resourcefulness each one of us can use to sail with the winds of Fate as we navigate life’s mysteries.


Rose des Vents Painting Lapis, Turq, Pink Opal 1

Inspired by the ancient wind rose symbol indicating the eight principal winds, Dior’s Rose des Vents romantic necklaces and bracelets debuted in Spring 2015. Dior designer Victoire de Castellane became intrigued by the wind rose after admiring the rose des vents mosaic at the bottom of the brand’s founder Christian Dior’s seaside garden pool in Granville, France.

Photo courtesy of Dior


A delightful animated video from Dior showcases the new Spring 2015 Rose des Vents collection of bracelets and necklaces. Here the brand founder Christian Dior and Victoire de Castellane get down and get real in a disco interlude while Rose des Vents disco lights bathe them in beauty.

Video courtesy of Dior


Dior-Rose-des-Vents Lapis bracelet

This lapis Rose des Vents medallion looks simultaneously antique yet utterly contemporary and symbolizes brilliantly directed high luxury.

Photo courtesy of Dior


RoseDesVents Bracelets 2

Dior’s lapis, mother of pearl and turquoise Rose des Vents bracelets all feature a center diamond in their compass rose motif.

Photo courtesy of Dior



Dior Jewelry design director Victoire de Castellane dreamed up the new Rose des Vents Collection in her Paris atelier.

Photo courtesy of Dior


Dior Rose des Vents Hand Set Diamond 1

A jeweler in the Dior atelier hand sets a diamond in the center of a Rose des Vents jewel.

Photo courtesy of Dior


Dior Rose des Vents Gouache

A Dior artist paints a gouache rendering of the wind rose.

Photo courtesy of Dior


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